At RRTS Specialized, our mission has always been providing customers with efficient and reliable service. Our offices and extensive transportation/logistics network provide support throughout the United States and Canada giving RRTS Specialized the flexibility to meet all of your transportation needs and commitments. We are committed to providing our customers with on-going, cost-effective nationwide capacity. We are specialists in providing immediate spot quote rates, and we also offer competitive, long term rates for customers with those transportation and logistics requirements.

Our team of transportation professionals responds to both online and offline Bid/RFP requests and customer solution surveys on a daily basis. Our RRTS Specialized Professionals review/track transportation market conditions, fuel surcharge fluctuations, weather conditions, freight seasonality, regional lane equipment capacity, and availability to provide competitive price and service. Because of our operating model, we can effectively handle anything from the single transaction to large, complex supply-chain challenges.


RRTS Named Smartway Transport Partner by EPA

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